Facebook is deliberately censoring alternative media, pushing globalist agenda – NaturalNews.com

Increasingly, Facebook is being accused of censoring material that users post on the world’s largest social media website, prompting outrage and confusion from many who see hypocrisy in the site’s rules.

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Anti-quarantine nurse Hickox was trained as intelligence officer by the CDC – NaturalNews.com

Nurse Kaci Hickox, who has made headlines over the last few days by refusing to quarantine herself after returning from the Ebola front lines in Africa, turns out to have been trained as an “intelligence officer” under a two-year CDC program modeled after the U.S. military.

Learn more: http://www.naturalnews.com/047444_Ebola_quarantine_Kaci_Hickox_intelligence_officer.html#ixzz3Hbu7UM7p


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MH17 might have been shot down from air – chief Dutch investigator

MH17 might have been shot down from air – chief Dutch investigator
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The chief investigator with the Dutch National Prosecutors’ Office Fred Westerbeke said in an interview with the German magazine Der Spiegel published on Monday that his team is open to the theory that another plane shot down the Malaysian airliner.

Following the downing of the Malaysian Airlines MH17 flight in July that killed almost 300 people, Russia’s Defense Ministry released military monitoring data, which showed a Kiev military jet tracking the MH17 plane shortly before the crash. No explanation was given by Kiev as to why the military plane was flying so close to a passenger aircraft. Neither Ukraine, nor Western states have officially accepted such a possibility.

Westerbeke said that the Dutch investigators are preparing an official request for Moscow’s assistance since Russia is not part of the international investigation team. Westerbeke added that the investigators will specifically ask for the radar data suggesting that a Kiev military jet was flying near the passenger plane right before the catastrophe.

"Going by the intelligence available, it is my opinion that a shooting down by a surface to air missile remains the most likely scenario. But we are not closing our eyes to the possibility that things might have happened differently,” he elaborated.

The international probe led by the Dutch – as nearly two-thirds of the victims were from the Netherlands – has not yet established how the crash happened. A preliminary report issued in September said only that the plane crashed as a result of structural damage from outside.

READ MORE: MH17 broke up in mid-air due to external damage – Dutch preliminary report

Meanwhile, a report issued by the Dutch Safety Board on air crashes, listed several passenger jets in flight MH17’s vicinity, but no military aircraft nearby.

In regard to this report Westerbeke said that the statement was based on information that was available at the time suggesting Russia could have more information on the issue.

READ MORE: Ukrainian Su-25 fighter detected in close approach to MH17 before crash – Moscow

Though the West has accused Eastern Ukrainian militia forces of shooting down the plane, it has provided only circumstantial evidence in support of such claims. Moscow has urged the US to release satellite images that prove its claims.

“This may be a coincidence, but the US satellite flew over Ukraine at exactly the same time when the Malaysian airliner crashed,” a Russian Defense ministry spokesman said in a July statement.

In his interview to the German media, Westerbeke also called on the US to release proof that supports its claims.

“We remain in contact with the United States in order to receive satellite photos,” he said.

READ MORE: 10 more questions Russian military pose to Ukraine, US over MH17 crash

German’s foreign intelligence agency reportedly also believes that local militia shot down Malaysia Airlines flight MH17, according to Der Spiegel. The media report claimed the Bundesnachrichtendienst (BND) president Gerhard Schindler provided “ample evidence to back up his case, including satellite images and diverse photo evidence,” to the Bundestag in early October.

However, the Dutch prosecutor stated that he is “not aware of the specific images in question”.

“The problem is that there are many different satellite images. Some can be found on the Internet, whereas others originate from foreign intelligence services.”

The Kiev government and Eastern Ukraine rebels have accused each other of shooting down the plane. Kiev released what it calls an intercepted conversation between rebel fighters in which they admit to downing a plane.

The Dutch prosecutor stated that “we will need evidence and more than a recorded phone call from the Internet or photos from the crash site. That’s why we are considering several scenarios and not just one.”

The Dutch investigators have come under criticism especially from the relatives of the victims, who blame the probe for slow progress.

Westerbeke elaborated that it will take a long time to establish what really happened adding “we certainly need the whole of next year for work”.

“It’s not easy, but we can do it."

Westerbeke concluded that in the Netherlands 10 prosecutors are investigating the incident, as well as forensic experts and 80 policemen. While the Dutch also regularly hold meetings with colleagues from Malaysia, Australia and Ukraine.


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Uruknet 109903 27-oct-2014 05:57 ECT Ohio student leader gets death, rape threats over “blood bucket” video for Palestine

[Uruknet 109903 27-oct-2014 05:57 ECT] Ohio student leader gets death, rape threats over "blood bucket" video for Palestine
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September 24, 2014 – Dozens of faculty members at Ohio University have come out in support of the student senate president who took a bold stand for justice in Palestine on 2 September and who has faced death threats and threats of rape since she videotaped herself pouring a bucket of fake blood over her head to protest Israel s abuse of Palestinians. Megan Marzec has been at the center of a targeted campaign by anti-Palestinian individuals, Zionist groups and Israel-aligned media calling for her resignation. The Ohio University administration has both criticized her action and refused to publicly condemn the threats against her…

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The Challenges Of Defending Your Child’s Mind From Propaganda

The Challenges Of Defending Your Child’s Mind From Propaganda
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Submitted by The Dissident Dad via Mike Krieger’s Liberty Blitzkrieg blog,

In great empires the people who live in the capital, and in the provinces remote from the scene of action, feel, many of them, scarce any inconveniency from the war; but enjoy, at their ease, the amusement of reading in the newspapers the exploits of their own fleets and armies. To them this amusement compensates the small difference between the taxes which they pay on account of the war, and those which they had been accustomed to pay in time of peace.They are commonly dissatisfied with the return of peace, which puts an end to their amusement, and to a thousand visionary hopes of conquest and national glory from a longer continuance of the war.

– Adam Smith in The Wealth of Nations

Let’s face it, your child’s mind is fertile ground for oligarchs, corrupt politicians and any other thieving member of the so-called “ruling elite” who aim to enslave the masses both mentally and monetarily. Unfortunately, the propaganda that comes from the government and our largest corporations is perceived as being absolute truth by most people. If you’re like me, at one point in time you had to wake up to it all and accept that you had been completely brainwashed for the first few decades for your life.

On a parental level, defending my child’s mind against blatant lies and deceit from the media, military industrial complex and corporatism is really not that difficult. But what about their grandparents, cousins or the kids next door?

I truly believe that most Americans suffer from Stockholm Syndrome, a psychological phenomenon where the victim identifies with the attacker to the point they will even defend their captor and even treat certain forms of abuse as a form of compassion.

We see this everywhere; especially around election time, where the voters defend all kinds of atrocities and criminal actions by our elected officials.

The mobs, of course, love the abuse and crimes against humanity. They probably even feel patriotic if the guy committing the crimes is of the same political affiliation they identify with.

When I am home with the kids, observing this type of behavior is easy to discuss – right and wrong is sort of natural for the kids. It’s the adults in their lives who inject a lot of bad philosophy into their lives and unfortunately for most of us reading this blog, the adults have some influence in our children’s lives.

I feel like I have to tread carefully. I mean I am talking about people I love very much: grandparents, neighbors, cousins, uncles…pretty much everyone in our lives. You would think that a non-violent philosophy focused on respecting other people and not forcing your will against others would be universally accepted, but in reality it’s not.

There’s a certain program that pretty much everyone follows. We nearly all accept the lie that every American soldier’s death was to defend our freedoms; that drugs, prostitution and other consensual acts are bad and should be outlawed. That Muslims are violent, that war is good for the economy and America has a free market system. Our society idolizes some of our biggest criminals. In fact, the bigger the crime, the more you are treated as a legend in many circles.

I often get frowns from my friends and family when I openly teach my children about the immoral aspects of government, or how we should be kind to others, even Iranians!

Sometimes the philosophy of respect can make you the oddball, and as a parent the last thing I want to do is make my kids feel weird or be treated like outcasts.

Ultimately, my children will have to make their own choices. I can’t expect them to go against the crowd like I have, but in the meantime I will defend their minds. Not by shutting out the people we love or the millions of Americans who suffer from Stockholm Syndrome. Rather, as a father I will give them real choices: the choice between violence and volunteerism, and the choice between discriminating against other people because of imaginary borders and superficial differences and respecting others.


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