Boy Gets Diagnosed with Autism After 32 Shots

Natalie gave birth to her second child, Landen, in 2009, four years later. He was also given the hepatitis B vaccine within 12 hours of life and started receiving the vaccines on schedule. Landen was born perfectly healthy. Once he started receiving the vaccinations on schedule, he suffered from the toxins. His reactions were much more severe. He was reaching the typical milestones until he was given the MMR, Varicella and flu shots at his 14 month pediatric visit, and by 18 months old, he lost everything and was later diagnosed with autism.

More Washington lies

Hong Kong:

Whatever is occurring in Hong Kong, it bears no relation to what is being reported about it in the Western print and TV media. These reports spin the protests as a conflict between the demand for democracy and a tyrannical Chinese government.

Ming Chun Tang in the alternative media CounterPunch says that the protests are against the neoliberal economic policies that are destroying the prospects of everyone but the one percent. In other words, the protests are akin to the American occupy movement.

Another explanation is that once again, as in Kiev, gullible westernized students have been organized by the CIA and US-financed NGOs to take to the streets in hopes that the protests will spread from Hong Kong to other Chinese cities. The Chinese, like the Russians, have been extremely careless in permitting Washington to operate within their countries and to develop fifth columns.

More Washington lies


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Hongkongers Show Ferguson How to Protest feedly

Hongkongers Show Ferguson How to Protest
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I hate people who block traffic for any reason, but these kids in Hong Kong have won me over.

The students have chosen, with an impressively-rapid acquisition of traction and seemingly-universal and escalating global support, to take a careful stand against a powerful and stubborn adversary over a matter that is mostly symbolic and hard to explain to the rest of the world whose attention they need.

They have done so artfully. While some are calling it Tienanmen 2.0, the students are calling it the Umbrella Revolution, as they have been using umbrellas, an “nonthreatening” object, to shield themselves from the sun, the rain and pepper spray. When it rains, they explain, people open their umbrellas in unison, and they feel in a figurative sense that it is raining on Hong Kong’s pursuit of democracy and escape from becoming another Chinese city, and so they go outside with the umbrellas opened in unison. That’s poetic.

They do not torch police cars. They don’t loot. They don’t race-bait. They do not throw Molotov cocktails nor do they burn tires. They do not shoot guns (they don’t have them, but I doubt they would shoot them if they did). They do not get sidetracked by regarding the police as their adversary. They do not get arrested. Maybe two or three arrests, not bad for 30K protestors.

You know what they do?

They actually do their homework. Literally! They sit down on the streets and do their school assignments. They put political slogans on their umbrellas, they use social media, they use tact in aiming for some concrete successes in challenging primarily a Hong Kong official instead of Beijing (so far). That’s a realistic near-term goal, the ouster of this man. If they succeed, more dramatic goals will shift from fantasy to possibility.

Though they block traffic, they move out of the way for emergency vehicles. They distribute water, crackers and bananas, and, unlike environmentalists in New York City, they pick up their trash. Not only to they pick up their trash, they sort the recyclables.

They hold signs that apologize for inconveniencing the city. Wow, right? They have self-organized medical teams, and an emphasis on health and hygiene, and they have achieved a weakened position for authorities to violate their own constitutional rights.

Unlike other Occupy movements, they have established some leadership, they handle the press effectively with every one of them I’ve seen interviewed speaking articulately with a mostly uniform, reasonable and simplified message, and doing so in English, a foreign language.

They have managed to stay on track enough to impose ultimatums with a timeline. They have mostly done well in avoiding seeing the Hong Kong police as their enemy, something that is challenging historically for protestors.

Unlike other movements, they have not made getting arrested a goal. Perhaps this is the most civil form of civil disobedience the world has experienced, perpetrated by those belonging to a group that has perhaps the highest average IQ in the world, and a good education. And manners. And candles:

They have not achieved their stated goals yet, however, as a consequence I think of their behaviour, they have widespread support. Their restraint in ambitiousness lends them more credence and I suspect opens the door a little wider of a much larger victory. It’s a little too early to demand independence from China, for example, particularly given that China has military bases in Hong Kong. Instead, they are being smart and writing a playbook for Taiwan.

People give them food and water. Youtube gives them a live stream channel. The authorities gave them toilets instead of using their bladders as leverage, they have respect and sympathy of much of Hong Kong.

They have succeeded in turning the heat world attention on Beijing’s anti-democratic behaviour, cornering Beijing into the most uncomfortable position of weighing whether to capitulate to the protestors and look weak (they hate that, losing face, especially their current president) or standing firm and possibly clamping down with violence that could truly lead to another Tienanmen.

The Chinese know how to quash a protest, so long as the protest is in a Chinese region over which they have full control of information. In Xinjiang they can crack skulls, but in Hong Kong they would not be able to enjoy that luxury, not without extreme and costly world disdain.

The students have succeeded in making political reform the largest issue in Hong Kong. They have succeeded in forcing China to suspend some tourism of Mainlanders in Hong Kong, making it difficult for Beijing to suppress the real news and the severity of the goings-on in Hong Kong. They have succeeded, though inadvertently, in getting the world press to attribute Monday’s dips in the stock markets and the Hong Kong dollar to the movement which, though I don’t like losing paper wealth, highlights the strength they’ve built. And they have succeeded in making Beijing appear tone-deaf.

They have succeeded in cancelling the annual fireworks show celebrating the 1949 birth of the People’s Republic of China, a bigger deal than it sounds. They have succeeded in convincing their government that they intend to keep at it and to be taken seriously.

They succeeded in prompting the British prime minister to remind China of the 1997 deal which included a pledge for a high degree of autonomy and a trajectory toward universal suffrage. Meanwhile, Beijing has forced their social media companies to expunge mentions of Hong Kong, instead to make “selfies with the Chinese flag” as a trending topic, if you can believe it.

They have succeeded in prompting President Obama to make a comment to our media in support of the protestors and their cause, with Obama encouraging authorities to exercise restraint. This is no longer just an irritant to China’s President Xi, but a thin and frayed tightrope to navigate through with a lose being the destinations of both ends of that rope and beneath.

Mr. Xi did not see this reaction coming, quite a blunder. I hope he can solve this puzzle with more finesse and less blood than the Chinese government has produced in the past and I also hope that Americans with an axe to grind learn from these students.

Doug Simmons


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Could polio or other vaccinations be behind the new “polio-like” Illness outbreak in California? feedly

Could polio or other vaccinations be behind the new "polio-like" Illness outbreak in California?

After years of massive administration of polio vaccine, India was declared polio-free and the last reported incidence of polio in India was in January 2011. Although the reported milestone has been widely publicized, what has not been so widely reported is that there were an extra 47,500 new cases in 2011 of the rare illness known as Non-Polio Acute Flaccid Paralysis (NPAFP).

The incidence of NPAFP in India in 2011 was 12 times higher than expected and was found to be directly proportional to doses of oral polio received. Though it may be called "Non-Polio" the symptoms of NPAFP are clinically indistinguishable from polio paralysis and the illness is twice as deadly.


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Go Iceland! Bankers convicted, unemployment down

Iceland: Bankers convicted, unemployment down

Remember Iceland? During the high-flying early 2000s, its three main banks went berserk, paying high interest rates to international investors that accumulated deposits equal to more than 100% of the country’s gross domestic product (GDP) and making loans equal to 980% of GDP. When the collapse came, Iceland took a route not taken by Ireland, Spain, and other EU countries: Rather than bail out the banks, the government simply let them go bankrupt. The value of the krona fell by about half, the country was embroiled in disputes with the Netherlands and the United Kingdom over paying off Dutch and British depositors, and it had to take an International Monetary Fund (IMF) loan just to stay afloat.


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Iraq War 3.0: When will we ever learn? feedly

"In addition to the hundreds of thousands who were killed by Western bombs, many thousands more were made refugees. If IS are “psychopathic,” I’m not sure how the prime minister would describe the actions of Western extremists and military forces who destroyed large swathes of Iraq."
Iraq War 3.0: When will we ever learn?
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Recalling parliament over the crisis in Iraq, Prime Minister David Cameron stated during Friday’s debate that the “mission” could be extended to include airstrikes in Syria, and described Islamic State as "psychopathic."

Interestingly, he said that such a decision could be made without the consent of parliament – a move which would echo the illegal Iraq invasion which took place in 2003, which far from averting a humanitarian crisis in Iraq actually created one.

In addition to the hundreds of thousands who were killed by Western bombs, many thousands more were made refugees. If IS are “psychopathic,” I’m not sure how the prime minister would describe the actions of Western extremists and military forces who destroyed large swathes of Iraq.

The language being used by leaders such as Cameron and US President Barack Obama is telling. They emphasize that this “mission” will not include “boots on the ground” and won’t be a “combat” mission. As if Sunni Muslims who the bombs will land on will view the bombing as anything other than an attack on them.

IS need to be “taken out,” they say. No doubt the group which interestingly has the media savvy of any mainstream news outlet, and seemingly unlimited funds, is a despicable group. But IS as a justification for an attack on Iraq on humanitarian grounds, with no legal consensus? This should cause raised eyebrows. If this is simply about protecting people in the region and not about money and imperial intrigue, why do the Western governments stay silent on so many human rights transgressions elsewhere? If it’s really about bringing crazy head choppers under control, then why is there no talk of a no-fly zone bombing campaign over Saudi Arabia, which according to human rights groups has beheaded countless people for crimes such as “sorcery” and continues to do so?

In an age of never-ending, 24-hour news bulletins, it feels as though our memories are getting shorter. Iraqis are still suffering from the war waged in 2003, and would have for many decades, irrespective of the new intervention that UK politicians have now voted for.

Billions of dollars of Iraq’s wealth has been siphoned out of the country, which was all the invasion was ever about. That and the fact that Saddam Hussein, like many leaders, wanted to trade and sell oil in a currency other than the US dollar, the value of which has essentially been rendered obsolete following the economic collapse of the US and UK financial centers, and the subsequent banker bailout which followed. This of course, could not be allowed to happen.

People could be forgiven for thinking cynically – that this time around the calls for a new attack on Iraq are as disingenuous as ever.

Now in September 2014, 11 years after the initial invasion of Iraq, dead-eyed politicians such as Obama and Cameron, like obedient corporate parrots, have been smoothing the wheels for the bombing of Syria, and the continued campaign against Iraq with renewed vigor.

Cameron has claimed that IS poses a grave danger to the United Kingdom and plan to attack Britain. Either that, or he desperately needs a war to add to his CV, especially after parliament resoundingly rejected Cameron’s apparent appetite for war last year.

Presumably he sees IS as a bigger threat to the UK than the threat of unemployment, privatised healthcare and privatised education.

And of course, if there are any doubters as to the authenticity of Cameron and indeed Obama’s sentiments, as to whether or not the bombing of IS in Iraq and Syria is really out of the goodness of their hearts, lets remind ourselves why.

The sudden focus on IS is being used to whip up populist support for war, and if they cannot achieve a legal basis it is all the more needed to at least grease the wheels of the war machine and make the unjustifiable seem justified. Beheading people and other acts of barbarity remain in people’s minds because of their grisly nature.

It very much feels as if last year, the war hawks and their puppet masters were begging for a new war in Syria. Now the dynamics have changed so that many politicians and the public are falling over themselves calling for military intervention, and they wouldn’t be if Western media was not focusing on IS in the manner they are. We mustn’t fall for it. All diplomatic efforts should surely be geared around supporting humanitarian groups in the region, and on starving groups which seek to destabilize the region further of funds and support. Bombing Iraq and Syria is only going to worsen the crisis. A Western “intervention” is exactly what IS and whoever it is who is backing them in all senses want.

You’ll notice that the words oil and geopolitical strategy are never mentioned by leaders calling for war in Iraq, and now, according to David Cameron, today possibly Syria. Although Obama in a recent speech did admit after a long spiel about human rights and democracy when addressing the American people that US ‘interests’ may play a role too, as well as the moral crusade he is advocating.

As the British parliament discussed what the role of the UK should be, the media ramped up the reasons as to why the bombing of Iraq, and evidently Syria, which perhaps is the short-term endgame, is necessary and just.

More and more Obama seems indistinguishable from his cowboy predecessor, George W. Bush. More and more Cameron and Ed Miliband, like Tony Blair’s New Labour project and the Conservatives, have no real differences. They are indistinguishable. Like cowboys, it’s all guns blazing, which is of course what the war hawks and chicken hawks in Washington and London want. Let’s not forget that war is the most profitable industry in the world. The US defense budget grows each year, so it’s all a lucrative business.

And when all the UK’s main political parties vote for yet another illegal military campaign, instead of using UK taxpayers’ revenue for desperately-needed jobs and services at home, where is the real democracy that’s supposed to reside in the “mother of parliaments?”

Richard Sudan for RT

Richard Sudan is a writer, political campaigner, and poet. He tweets@richardsudan


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